Jacques Quinio

Leadership Development & Coaching Director

As head of Right Management’s Centre of Excellence in Europe for leadership development and coaching solutions, Jacques brings thought leadership into the market place and develops innovative client solutions in today’s world of work.

Jacques joined Right Management as Coach and Talent Management consultant in France. He joined the UK team at the beginning of 2014.

Jacques was a member of Accenture for 10 years (1987-1997), as an organization and IT systems consultant. He worked mostly within the banking sector, coaching customer companies in their strategic organizational and IT choices, and in implementing change. He then worked within IT systems in the Caisse d’Epargne group (Retail banking company) for 7 years (1997 – 2004), and was General Manager (CEO) of an IT Centre for 3 years, managing a staff of 220 employees and an annual €70 million budget.