Leader Development

Developing the next generation of leaders has been identified by HR professionals as the greatest human capital challenge facing organisations over the next ten years.

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Identify talent with the greatest potential for success

Effective leadership is the driving force behind a winning culture. Our Leading with Impact framework is an efficient, data-driven framework that helps assess individuals for future success, develop important leadership behaviours and define KPIs aligned to business goals.

An insight-driven approach to leader development

Our holistic, data-driven approach to development inspires talented leaders to succeed. Using assessment, we create insights into an individual’s self-perception, skills and abilities, and target areas for growth.

  • Development in Current Role

    In 40% of companies, leaders are unprepared for the business issues they are facing now. Our leader development solutions drive individual performance and improve business outcomes.

  • Development in Future Role

    Only 20% of managers identified as high performers successfully advance to higher levels of leadership. Our targeted High Potential development solutions help develop high-potential talent In 3 critical areas: Business, Career and Leadership readiness.

  • Speciality Programmes

    Tailored to the specific needs of your workforce, our speciality solutions address a wide range of leader development areas including: succession management; employee training; leader coaching; and performance management.

Leader Modelling & Consulting

We leverage our own P3 Leadership Model and also work with companies to identify unique elements that drive leadership success in their particular environments. Then we partner with clients to build company-specific workforce and development strategies that accelerate the growth of talent and drive business results.

Virtual Leadership & Resilience Series

The expectations organisations are placing on their leaders have never been greater. With the ongoing challenges of remote working and managing dispersed teams, as well as operating in rapidly changing and complex environments, the skillsets of leaders are under the microscope more than ever before.

Right Management’s Virtual Leadership & Resilience Series has been created to support leaders as they navigate the ever-changing world of work, providing a toolkit of online learning events and courses, supplemented by self-directed learning, online resources and video content, and with the option to include additional coaching and assessments.  

Solutions include:

  • Leading Remotely During Uncertain Times
  • Adapt to Thrive 
  • Virtual Leadership Development Skill Suite
  • Integrated Leader Development Programmes
  • Exploring Your Personal Resilience Programme

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Right Management's INCLUDE is a fully scalable and customizable programme designed to support leaders to drive meaningful change related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Drawing on over 40 years of experience developing world-class leaders, the programme uses a combination of learning, practical exercises and 1:1 coaching to help leaders.

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Leader Development Resources

Learn how Leader Development can help accelerate the growth and effectiveness of talent now and in the future

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