Scalable and flexible leadership training packages, focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Leadership transforms the culture of the organisation

Inclusive leadership is leadership. But many leaders are uncertain of their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. INCLUDE equips managers and leaders with the skills and tools they need to create sustainable impact.

Right Management's INCLUDE is a fully scalable and customizable programme designed to support leaders to drive meaningful change related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Drawing on over 40 years of experience developing world-class leaders, the programme uses a combination of learning, practical exercises and 1:1 coaching to help leaders:

Shape a culture where all identities feel valued and empowered to contribute and advance

Engage in inclusive dialogues that facilitate belonging and psychological safety

Harness the power of diversity, uniqueness and inclusion using behaviour-based coaching for higher team performance

  • Increase Knowledge

    Learn about the impact of bias, disadvantage and discrimination, alongside the difference leaders make. Explore key concepts and terminology, as well as personal strengths that have a positive impact.

  • Acquire Skills

    Learn how to apply self-awareness and create psychological safety, to engage in and lead inclusive dialogues and group interactions.

  • Demonstrate Behaviour

    Learn how to create an inclusive environment, using communication tools and leveraging the unique experiences of others to increase engagement and build high-performing teams.


In a safe and interactive setting, identify approaches and communication tools to engage in dialogue about the real issues the organisation must address. Explore what supports and what hinders belonging.

Learning Labs

Intensive small group technique with practice and feedback on change-focused dialogue and inclusive conversations. Practice challenging situations in a safe setting with the support of peers and an expert coach.

1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching utilising a comprehensive diagnostic and our on-demand RightCoach technology. Focus on inclusive leader strengths and behaviour with symbolic and concrete actions. Select and implement influence levers for organisational change.

Leader Development Resources

Learn how Leader Development can help accelerate the growth and effectiveness of talent now and in the future

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