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The remote talent management toolkit from Right Management

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Developing leadership capabilities for the new world of work

The expectations organisations are placing on their leaders have never been greater. As the world of work continues to transform in line with a rapidly changing marketplace, leaders must strike the right balance between achieving strategic business goals, maintaining workforce engagement, and managing employee wellbeing.

Targeted solutions to help leaders navigate the new world of work

Right Management’s Virtual Leadership & Resilience Series has been created to support leaders as they navigate the new world of work, providing a toolkit of online learning events and courses, supplemented by self-directed learning, online resources and video content, and with the option to include additional coaching and assessments.

  • Lead Through Change

    With new requirements for managing hybrid working and dispersed teams, as well as operating in rapidly changing and complex environments, the skillsets of leaders are under the microscope more than ever before.

  • Engage and Retain for Business Success

    The global talent shortage has never been higher—and it’s never been more important for organisations to hold on to their talent, with 68% of employers saying they can’t find the skills they need externally.

  • Develop Resilience

    Our resilience is relevant in all aspects of our lives. It encompasses who we are and how we operate at work, at home and in our ‘internal’ lives - made up of our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Leading Remotely During Uncertain Times

Change and uncertainty leads to fear and confusion, and negatively impacts morale and productivity. A leader can mitigate these challenges by being proactive in providing guidance and support through the transition. This programme covers the fundamentals of effective change leadership, tactics for building high performance teams in a virtual environment, and providing coaching and feedback to enhance growth and drive performance. Learn more about Leading Remotely During Uncertain Times

Adapt to Thrive for Managers/Leaders and Individual Contributors

With the rapid adoption of new working models, individuals at every level need to actively adapt, positively perform and tangibly learn new skills to thrive during uncertainty. Meanwhile, organisations must create a working environment that engages employees: encouraging ongoing personal development, agility and resilience, in order to drive performance and meet the strategic needs of the business that will secure survival and growth in the future.This programme has been designed to support organisations, leaders, managers and individuals as they navigate ambiguity, driving performance in a changed world of work. Learn more about Adapt to Thrive for Managers/Leaders and Individual Contributors

Virtual Leadership Development Skill Suite

We have selected the core development modules from our Leadership Development Skills Suite to provide leaders at all levels with the essential skills and behaviours they need to effectively lead and manage individuals and teams in a hybrid working environment. The programme focusses on coaching to unleash talent, communicating with impact, engaging your people and building a climate of trust. Learn more about Virtual Development Skill Suite

Integrated Multi-Week Leader Development Programmes

Our multi-week, modular programmes include a combination of interactive virtual classroom experiences and self-directed learning. Programmes include 'Fundamentals of Remote Management', 'LEAD Right 1.0 - Leading Yourself' and 'LEAD Right 2.0 - Leading Others'.

Exploring Your Personal Resilience

This programme is designed for individuals at every level in an organisation, and is designed to explore strategies to build resilience and support participants to develop their own unique formula for dealing with change, uncertainty and everyday stressors. It will equip them with techniques to support happiness, create balance in their lives and emerge from challenges more able to respond to what lies ahead. Learn more about Exploring Your Personal Resilience

Leader Development Resources

Learn how Leader Development can help accelerate the growth and effectiveness of talent now and in the future

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