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Identify and prioritise the outcomes you want your leaders to drive

Individual leaders must balance complex competing priorities, making it vital for employers to give their leaders clear expectations, and the support needed to navigate their current reality. Developing and maintaining a Leadership Framework is critical for your leaders to succeed.

A modern Leader Framework will help you:

  • Develop Leader Pipelines - Identify and develop the right leadership talent

  • Leverage Assessment and Talent Data - Use psychometric tools and data to predict performance and reduce bias

  • Provide Focused, Coach-supported Leader Development - Increase productivity while enhancing company culture and alignment

  • Reduce Cost and Time to Hire - Identify the talent most likely to lead and succeed in your organisation

  • Ensure Continuity with succession planning - Cultivate future leaders and maximize ROI on leader development programme

Leading With Impact

Learn how the Leading with Impact framework can help you develop leader competencies that improve organisational alignment and enable strong leadership pipelines


Leaders are being asked to respond to new areas of focus:

  • Accelerated digital transformation creating an imperative for upskilling across every sector and role

  • The highest talent shortages in 12-years (60%) is forcing leaders to re-think where and how their talent works

  • Increased focus on employee wellness, health and safety

  • Growing importance of candidate experience and impact of employer brand on talent acquisition and retention


Leading With Impact

Delivering business and workforce transformation


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Create Future-Ready Leaders

To ensure that leaders are aligned to the business impact that organisations want to achieve they need to use a framework to select, measure and develop their leaders' skills and competencies. The Leading With Impact Framework is a starting point to help clients make choices, prioritise and align their leaders to the values, goals and aspirations of the organisation.

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Bring Your Leader Competency Model to Life


Take an Insight-driven Approach with Assessment

Leverage assessments, from personality-based to 360’s, aligned to the Leading with Impact model for leader selection and development.

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Development Solutions Improve Performance and Accelerate Change

Provide individuals personalized development opportunities to develop against leader GAPS with flexibility for group, team and higher volume approaches.

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Reinforce and Align with Coaching Solutions

Executive, career and situational coaching unlocks leader’s potential for impact and success.

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